Home Staging®

What exactly is 'Home Staging®'?

Home Staging® is the comprehensive process of preparing a house or condo for sale. In accordance with professional guidelines, an Accredited Staging Professional™ reviews a property then makes or recommends adjustments to address any issues and maximize the property's appeal. Well Staged properties look their absolute best.

Realtors are able to show Staged homes to prospective buyers with confidence, knowing that they're more likely to capture and hold buyers' interest. Staged homes sell faster and often, for more money.

Enlightened Organizing specializes in creating functional and appealing spaces quickly and cost-effectively. We've been Staging Bow Valley properties since 2004. Check out the properties we've Staged recently: Staged Homes by Enlightened Organizing

We offer a wide range of Home Staging services - from detailed consultations to furniture rentals, delivery & set-up, shopping and full-service project management. We have an extensive stock of quality furniture pieces, local artwork, linens and decorative accessories. Our staff can address minor repairs and we draw on a network of qualified tradespeople as required.

Accredited Staging Professional Sally Scherer has extensive Staging experience, and has helped to sell everything from entry-level condos to multi-million dollar homes. She offers feedback and suggestions that are honest, constructive and solution-oriented.

After a quick walk-through of a property, Sally can provide a Staging quote including the Initial Staging Fee and monthly rental fee.

Staging costs vary dramatically depending on the size, condition and value of a property and on what rentals, labour and supplies will be required. Recognizing that cost/benefit is key, we can furnish a vacant property or work with existing furnishings, supplemented from our inventory as required.

For motivated DIY sellers, a Staging consultation may be the best fit. We'll provide detailed feedback and suggestions for each room in the home as well as a prioritized list of items/issues to be addressed.

Most Staging consultations take 3 to 4 hours, at a cost of $250 plus GST.

If you've got a Bow Valley property that you're serious about selling, we'd love to help!

Sally Scherer

Sally E. Scherer, MLS, DPA, Organizing Consultant
Accredited Staging Professional
Silver Leaf Member, Professional Organizers in Canada

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