Developers & Builders

Enlightened Organizing currently provides closet design and installation service to a number of high end home and multi-family condominium builders in Canmore, Alberta.

Having been exposed to the John Louis Home line of shelving and closet systems these builders are thrilled that this product finally exists.

Recognizing that their discriminating buyers appreciate every fine detail in their new mountainside homes and condos, builders can now showcase their closets with pride. The John Louis Home system compliments the finest of materials and craftmanship in the remainder of these spectacular homes as it brings a sense of warmth, style and function to all closet spaces.

John Louis Home has arrived... it is the future of closet shelving...

Enlightened Organizing is able to supply bulk shelving and hardware to any builder or developer interested in finishing their homes' closets with the John Louis Home system.

The shelving, which needs to be measured, cut and mounted to the walls using the special hardware can be done by any skilled handy person after a short training seminar.

Now is the time to make John Louis Home shelving and closet systems standard in your homes. We guarantee your clients will love it.

Email or call us toll free at 1-888-678-9323 to discuss volume supply and pricing of the John Louis Home shelving systems.