Custom Closet

A well-designed closet must first and foremost take into consideration the needs of the client. At Enlightened Organizing, we listen very carefully to our clients' needs with regard to the type and volume of clothing that needs to be stored before ever recommending a design.

The size and shape of the closet must next be measured and any obstructions such as doors, windows, utility chases, heating ducts, bulkheads, etc. have to be identified.

With a Professional Organizer on our team, we then use this information to prepare customized drawings and provide design options that will best satisfy our clients' needs within the available space. In typical closet arrangements there is a large amount of unused space where additional storage space is often available.

Accessibility is another key element to a successful closet design. In particular, items such as folded clothing, hats, shoes, boots, boxes, luggage, etc. often need to be stored.

In some cases, open shelving may be desired while in others, drawer storage may be more appropriate. These are often specific needs of a client, but in many instances we can make recommendations on how best to deal with these items.

With closets being used nearly each and every day of our lives, a well-organized, neat closet can help set the tone for the day ahead as well as provide a welcoming feeling as you put your clothes away at the end of hard day's work.

While many closet systems may provide a well-functioning plan, there are none that provide the warmth and richness of the all-wood shelving and closet systems of John Louis Home.

In summary, the John Louis Home shelving and closet system provides it all; flexibility, functionality, accessibility and a warm, rich appeal. Whether your needs are a simple shelf and rod or a fully customized closet system, let us at Enlightened Organizing help you achieve your closet dreams.